Conversion Rate Optimization

Project Name
Conversion Rate Optimization


With a large shift in traffic moving to mobile devices Bonobos started to experience significant challenges with their conversion rate. While desktop visitors continued to convert at a relatively strong rate, mobile traffic conversions continued to struggle.

The Solution

As most know, there is rarely a silver bullet when it comes to improving conversion. We needed to implement a process by which the team could constantly optimize, test and learn to adjust to changing channels and user behavior. The first step was selecting a robust testing platform. In this case we went with AB Tasty who had great WYSIWYG editors and personalization options. We did a thorough UX audit of the experience and analysis of the purchase funnel to prioritize key areas of focus.

The Results

Overall Bonobos conversion rate grew over 30% and continued to hold strong despite large increases in lower converting paid traffic channels YoY. Below are a few examples of the individual tests results.
Product Storytelling
Increase in Add to Cart
Auto Apply
Increase in Conversion
Auto Apply
Increase in Average Order Value
Search Optimization
Increase in Search Conversion
Product Recommendations
Increase in product added
Product List Imagery
Increase in CTR
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